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Etienne Aignan Biography
Etienne Aignan (April 9, 1773 — June 21, 1824) was a French translator, political writer, librettist and playwright born in Beaugency-sur-Loire.

In 1814 he was made a member of the Académie française, replacing Bernardin de Saint-Pierre in Seat 27.

Among his works are:

a verse translation of the Iliad,
translations of Pope, Goldsmith, and Elisa Hervey,
the play La mort de Louis XVI: tragédie en trois actes (Paris 1793) covering the trial and execution of King Louis XVI,
librettos for the operas Maria Seski (1799), Nephtali, ou les Ammonites by Blangini (Ballard, Paris 1806), and the Arthurian Arthus de Bretagne,
The Condition of the Protestants in France (1818) and
Histoire du jury (A. Eymery, Paris 1822).
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