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Ingrid Bergman Biography
Ingrid Bergman (August 29, 1915 Stockholm, Sweden, August 29, 1982 London, England) was a Swedish actress.

When still very young, she lost both of her parents and was raised by some relatives; she studied at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm and had a small role in Munkbrogreven (1934), her first movie. After a dozen films in Sweden, she went to USA for Intermezzo (1939) which gave her popularity.

One of her most famous parts was in Casablanca (1942), playing opposite Humphrey Bogart.

In the 1950s she met Roberto Rossellini, became his mistress and played in his Stromboli (1950); they were both married to other people, and their affair became a scandal which caused her some professional troubles. When she had a baby with Rossellini, she was described as "Hollywood's apostle of degradation". One of their children is the model and actress Isabella Rossellini.

It was with Anastasia, a few years later, that she could again publicly appear as a star, and in 1978 she played in Ingmar Bergman's Autumn Sonata, considered one of her best performances.

She could speak Swedish, German, French, English and Italian fluently, which caused fellow actor John Gielgud's remark "She speaks five languages, and can't act in any of them."

She died of cancer on her birthday in 1982. She was cremated in Sweden, her ashes scattered.
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