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Christian Bok Biography
Christian Bok (born Book, 1966- ), is a Canadian experimental poet. His work Eunoia, a story that uses only one vowel in each of its five chapters (that is, a lipogram), is one of the best-selling works of Canadian poetry. Edited by Darren Wershler-Henry at Coach House Books, Eunoia won the lucrative Griffin Poetry Prize in 2002. His poetry has been featured in the lyrics of Norwegian artist Ulver's "A Quick Fix of Melancholy EP" (2003). Bök is also a sound poet, having performed an extremely condensed version of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate, and has created an artist book comprised of Rubik's cubes. Bök is a graduate of the University of Toronto and currently teaches at York University in Toronto. He has also worked in science-fiction television, designing artificial languages for fictional alien species.

Bök's works include:

Crystallography - 1994
Eunoia - 2001
Pataphysics - 2002
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