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Anita Brookner Biography
Anita Brookner is an English novelist and art historian, born in London in 1928. In 1967 she became the first woman to hold the Slade professorship at Cambridge University. Since 1977, she has been associated with the Courtauld Institute of Art. However, since winning the Booker Prize in 1984 for Hotel du Lac, she has become better known as a novelist. Her fiction is mostly set in London, and often involves characters of Jewish extraction, like herself.


A Start in Life (1981)
Providence (1982)
Look at Me (1983)
Hotel du Lac (1984)
Family and Friends (1985)
A Misalliance (1986)
A Friend from England (1987)
Latecomers (1988)
Lewis Percy (1989)
Brief Lives (1990)
A Closed Eye (1991)
Fraud (1992)
A Family Romance (1993)
A Private View (1994)
Incidents in the Rue Laugier (1995)
Altered States (1996)
Visitors (1997)
Falling Slowly (1998)
Undue Influence (1999)
The Bay of Angels (2001)
The Next Big Thing (2002)
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