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Pope Felix IV Biography
Felix IV was Pope from 526 to 530. He came from Samnium, the son of one Castorius. Following the death of Pope John I at the hands of the Ostrogoth King Theodoric the Great, the papal voters gave in to the King's demands and chose Cardinal Felix as Pope. Felix's favor in the eyes of the King caused him to push for greater benefits for the Church.

Elected after a gap of nearly 2 months after the death of John I.

Imperial edict passed granting that cases against clergy should be dealt with by the Pope. Defined church teaching on grace and free will in response to a request on opposing Semi-Pelagianism in Gaul.

Attempted to designate his own successor – Boniface. The reaction of the Senate was to forbid the discussion of a pope’s successor, during his lifetime – or the acceptance of such a nomination.

The majority of the clergy reacted to Felix’ activity by nominating Discorus as Pope, and a minority for Boniface.
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