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Sheree Fitch Biography
Sheree Fitch is a Canadian children's author who currently resides in Washington D.C. in the United States.


Toes In My Nose and Other Poems - 1997
Sleeping Dragons All Around - 1989
Merry-Go-Day - 1991
There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen' - 1992
In This House There Are Many Women - 1993
I Am Small - 1994
Mable Murple - 1995
If You Could Wear My Sneakers - 1997
The Hullabaloo Bugagaboo Day - 1997
There's A Mouse In My House! - 1997
If I Were The Moon - 1999
The Other Author Arthur - 1999
Writing Maniac: How I Grew Up to Be a Writer (And You Can, Too!) - 2000
No Two Snowflakes - 2001
One More Step - 2002
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