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Ken MacLeod Biography
Ken MacLeod (born August 2, 1954) is a Scottish science fiction writer living near Edinburgh. His novels are notable for the exploration of socialist, communist and anarchist political themes.

He is a friend of Iain Banks and is thanked for his advice in at least one of the latter's books.


Fall Revolution sequence
The Star Fraction (1995)
The Stone Canal (1996)
The Cassini Division (1998)
The Sky Road (1999)
The Sky Road represents an 'alternate future' to the other books, as its events diverge sharply from those in the other books after 2059, due to a choice made differently by one of the protagonists.

Engines of Light trilogy
Cosmonaut Keep (2000)
Dark Light (2001)
Engine City (2002)
Other work
The Human Front (2002) (Winner of Short-form Sidewise Award 2002)
Newton's Wake (2004)
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