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Joe Pantoliano Biography
Joe Pantoliano (born September 12, 1951) is an actor. He is also known as "Joey Pants": due to his last name being very hard for most people to pronounce, he often just asks people to call him Joey Pants.

Pantoliano was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. He provides the voicework for the club owner "Luigi Goterelli" in the smash-hit videogame title, Grand Theft Auto 3.

From Here to Eternity (1979 TV mini-series)
The Final Terror
Risky Business
Eddie And The Cruisers
The Goonies
The Mean Season
Running Scared
Amazon Women On The Moon
Empire Of The Sun
La Bamba
The In Crowd
Midnight Run
Advance To Ground Zero
Blue Heat
The Last Of The Finest
El Diablo
Short Time
Backstreet Dreams
One Special Victory
Through The Eyes Of A Killer
Used People
Three Of Hearts
Me And The Kid
The Fugitive
Calendar Girl
Teresa's Tattoo
Dangerous Heart
Baby's Day Out
The Last Word
Steal Big, Steal Little
Bad Boys
The Spy Within
The Immortals
87th Precinct: Ice
Natural Enemy
Top Of The World
U.S. Marshals
The Matrix
New Blood
Black And White
Cats & Dogs
The Adventures Of Pluto Nash
Bad Boys II
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