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Pierre Emil George Salinger (born on June 14, 1925) is a former White House Press Secretary to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and ABC News journalist. He is known for his claims in November 1996 that friendly fire from the United States Navy was the cause of the TWA Flight 800 crash, based on what was later seen as an internet hoax. He lent his name to the Pierre Salinger syndrome, the tendency to assume everything written on the Internet is true.

Salinger was appointed as a Democratic United States Senator from California to fill the vacancy due to the July 30, 1964 death of Senator Clair Engle. Salinger took office on August 4, 1964. He was defeated in his bid for a full six-year term in the 1964 election. He resigned from the Senate on December 31, 1964, only three days before his term was to expire. Senator-elect George Murphy, who was to take office on January 3, 1965, was appointed to fill the remaining two days of Salinger's term.
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