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Ramon Valdez Biography
Ramon Valdez (1923-1988) was a Mexican actor. He was born in Mexico City.

At the age of two, he was moved to Ciudad Juárez, a northern border town where he and his brothers, Tin Tan, and Loco Valdez, would polish their acting skills. The four brothers would go on to become three of Latin America's most legendary comedians.

Valdez participated in more than 50 Mexican films. He is most remembered, however, for playing Don Ramon in the hit television show El Chavo del Ocho. Show creator and main star Chespirito was a fan of Valdez, and he thought Valdez was perfectly fit to play Don Ramon, who had a daughter (Chilindrina, played by Maria Antonieta de las Nieves), a person who had romantic interest in him (Dona Clotildes, played by Angelines Fernandez) and a romantic interest who slapped him across the face on every show (Dona Florinda, played by Florinda Meza).

Valdez also appeared prominently on Chespirito's other hit show, El Chapulin Colorado.

Both El Chavo.. and El Chapulin.. became major international hits across Latin America, Spain, the United States and other, non Spanish speaking countries, giving their entire cast international fame. Ramon Valdez was no exception, he would be identified as Don Ramon at many different countries he visited.

In 1978, he quit Chespirito's productions, but he returned to television a few years later, with fellow Chavo del Ocho and Chapulin Colorado cast member Carlos Villagran in Ay que Kiko!. Ay que Kiko found little success, however, and Ramon Valdez returned to work with Chespirito for a brief time during the middle 1980s.

Valdez also owned a circus, participating in circus acts.

On August 9th, 1988, Valdez passed away after a battle with lung cancer.
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