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Pierre Vallieres Biography
Pierre Vallieres (February 22, 1938 - December 23, 1998) was born in the east end of Montreal. He was a journalist and writer of militantly polemical essays and books in support of Quebec independence.

In 1966 he became the ideological leader of the FLQ and conducted a hunger strike at the UN headquarters in New York City to protest what he considered to be Quebec's plight. Imprisoned in New York for four years for belonging to the FLQ, he spent the time writing a number of works, the most famous (or perhaps notorious) of which was Nègres blancs d'Amérique, which compared the situation of Québécois to that of African-Americans at the height of the latter's civil rights struggles. He also called for armed struggle.

He returned to Montreal not long after the events of the October Crisis and renounced violence, resuming his career as a journalist and writer.
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