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Thomas Vaughan Biography
Thomas Vaughan has been the name of several prominent individuals. They include:

Thomas Vaughan (~1410-1483) was a soldier and diplomat, an adherent of Jasper Tudor and King Henry VI of England. Despite this, he was a Yorkist by inclination, as were so many Welshmen of the time, and became ambassador to the courts of Burgundy and France on behalf of the Yorkist King Edward IV. He was knighted in 1475, on the day King Edward's eldest son was invested as Prince of Wales, having acted for some years as chamberlain to the young prince. Following the sudden deposition of the prince as King Edward V, Vaughan was arrested and executed by the future King Richard III.

Thomas Vaughan (1621-1666) was a Royalist clergyman and philosopher from Brecon in Wales. He was the twin brother of the poet, Henry Vaughan.
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