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Forrest J. Ackerman Biography
Forrest J. Ackerman (also Forrest J Ackerman) (born November 24, 1916), often called "Forry" and sometimes "4e" or "4SJ," legendary, wealthy science fiction fan, minor author, actor, producer (Vampirella) and literary agent of many of the science fiction greats.

He helped found and was a life-long activist in the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society a prominent regional organization in science fiction fandom. He was personally acquainted with many mid-twentieth-century writers of science-fiction. He is most noted, however, for his extremely large and complete collection of science-fiction and memorabilia, which was maintained in a remarkable mansion known as the "Ackermansion."

Ackerman is also notable for having coined the term sci-fi by analogy with hi-fi. Although most serious science fiction fans hated the phrase, considering it gimmicky and disrespectful, it quickly gained widespread usage.

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