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Cem Akas Biography
Cem Akas (1968- ) is a Turkish novelist, who was born in Mannheim, Germany. He was educated in Turkey and the United States in Political Science and Turkish History. He has been working for Yapi Kredi Publications, Istanbul, since 1992. His website is at



7, 1992
Suc ve Ceza ("Crime and Punishment"), 1992
Olgunluk Cagi Uclemesi ("The Age of Maturity Trilogy"), 2001

Collection of Short Stories

Noktanin Kesisimleri Antolojisi ("The Anthology of the Intersections of the Dot"), 1990
Gizli Hava Muzesi ("Secret Air Museum"), 1995
r, 2002
Collection of Essays

Ise ("If It Is So"), 1999
Ise, Ki Degil! ("If It Is So, But It Isn't So"), 2001
Prose Poetry

Belkienisbatur ("Perhaps Enis Batur"), 1993
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