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Barbara Bain Biography
Barbara Bain (born 13 September 1931 in Chicago, Illinois as Millicent Fogel) is an American actress.

Bain graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. She went to New York city where she was a dancer and high fashion model. Bain studied with Martha Graham, thus cementing her interest in dancing. After attending the Lee Strasberg School of Acting she changed careers to acting.

In 1957 she married actor Martin Landau, with whom she would later star on television. The couple have two children, actress Juliet Landau and film producer Susan Bain Landau Finch. Laundau and Bain divorced in 1993.

Bain is best known for her role in the 1960s television series Mission Impossible. In the role of Cinnamon Carter, she won three consecutive Emmies for Best Dramatic Actress. Landau also starred in the series.

In the early 1970s she starred opposite Landau in the science fiction television series, Space: 1999, as Dr. Helena Russell, M.D.

Since then, Bain has worked to further the cause of many charities, including literacy.
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