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William S. Baring Gould Biography
William Stuart Baring Gould (1913-1967) was a noted Sherlock Holmes scholar, best known as the author of the influential fictional biography Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street: A life of the world's first consulting detective.

In 1955, Baring-Gould had privately published The Chronological Holmes, an attempt to lay out in chronological order all the events alluded to in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street was published in 1962.

In 1967, Baring-Gould published an annotated edition of the Sherlock Holmes canon, its subtitle promising "The four novels and fifty-six short stories complete".

Baring-Gould also wrote Nero Wolfe of West Thirty-fifth Street: The life and times of America's largest private detective, a fictional biography of Rex Stout's detective character Nero Wolfe. In this book, Baring-Gould proposed the theory that Wolfe was the son (by Irene Adler) of Sherlock Holmes himself.
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