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Les Barker Biography
Les Barker (born January 30, 1947) is an English poet. He is most well known for his comedic poetry and parodies of popular songs, however he has also produced some very serious thought-provoking written work.

Originally from Manchester he trained in accountancy before his talent for the written word was discovered. Initally he toured around folk music venues with The Mrs Ackroyd Band (named after his mongrel dog Mrs Ackroyd), but later ventured out on his own as a solo performer.

As well as touring Great Britain he has also performed in Hong Kong, Australia, NewZealand, the United States of America and Canada.

He has published 71 books to date and has released (either as a solo performer or with his band) 15 albums. His work features several recurring characters including Jason and the Arguments, Cosmo the Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower, Captain Indecisive and Spot of the Antartic. All of these have become trademarks of Barker's work.

He is also remarkable as being one of the few writers to get the Welsh place name Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch into a song successfully (it forms the main chorus of a song of the same name, and is sung four times).

Alsatians to Crewe
Bark Odes
Bark to Front
The Beagle has Landed
Beagles, Bangles and Beads
Beyond Our Cairn
The Boogie Woogie Beagle Boy from Company B
Borzoi Ballet
The Borzoi's Back in Town
The Boxer Rebellion
Break the Mole
Corgi and Bess
Dachshunds With Erections Can't Climb Stairs
Dog Byte
Dog Ends
Dog Gone
Dog Only Nose
The English Book of Penguin Folk Songs
Extra Terrierestrial
Get a Dog and Barker Yourself
The Green Eye of the Little Yellow Dog
Her Master's Book
The Hound of Music
I Camel, I Saw, I Conker
I Hear the Sound of Distant Plums
Illegal Annual
Irritable Bow-Wow Syndrome
King Charles Spaniel
Labrador Rigby
Lady & the Trampoline
Mastiff Central
Medlock Delta Blues
Morocco and Things
Mrs. Ack Royd's Again
Mrs. Ackroyd's Diary
O Camel Ye Faithful
The Official Retriever
Paws for Thought
Pekinese Up Mother Brown
Pup Yours
A Quite Short Goat and a Pink Dalmatian
Red Setters in the Sunset
Reign of Terrier
Rover the Hills and Far Away
Roverdance: The Poems
Royders of the Lost Ack
Sitting With My Dog on Display
Something to Sniff At
Songs for Swingin' Tails
Spaniel in the Lion's Den
The Stones of Callanish
A Tail of Two Setters
Upper Cruft
Viva a Spaniel
Waiting for Dogot
Werneth Willie Ackroyd
Wolfhound Amadeus Mozart

A Cardi and Bloke
Airs of the Dog
An Infinite Number of Occasional Tables
Gnus & Roses
Guide Cats for the Blind
The Mrs. Ackroyd Rock'n'Roll Show
Oranges & Lemmings
Some Love
The Stones of Callanish
Tubular Dogs
Up the creek without a poodle
The Wings of Butterflies
Les Barker Resources
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