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John Barnes Biography
John Barnes (born 1957) is a prolific science fiction author, whose stories often involve questions of individual morality within a social context. Social criticism is woven throughout his plots. The three novels in his Million Open Doors series pose questions about the effects of globalization on isolated societies.

The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky (1987)
Sin of Origin (1988)
Orbital Resonance (1991) (Century Next Door series)
A Million Open Doors (1993) (Million Open Doors series)
Mother of Storms (1995)
Encounter With Tiber, with Buzz Aldrin (1996)
Kaleidoscope Century (1996) (Century Next Door series)
One For the Morning Glory (1996)
Apostrophes and Apocalypses (1998)(collection)
Earth Made of Glass (1999) (Million Open Doors series)
Finity (1999)
Candle (2000) (Century Next Door series)
The Return, with Buzz Aldrin (2001)
The Merchants of Souls (2002) (Million Open Doors series)
The Sky So Big and Black (2002)
Duke of Uranium (2002) (Jak Jinnaka series)
A Princess of the Aerie (2003) (Jak Jinnaka series)
In the Hall of the Martian King (2003) (Jak Jinnaka series)
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