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John Barry Biography
John Barry (born 1933) is a highly successful composer, chiefly known for his film scores.

He was born in York, England and named John Barry Prendergast. His family were in the cinema business, but it was during his National Service that he began performing as a musician. This led to the formation of the "John Barry Seven". Barry then met Adam Faith and composed songs and film scores on the singer's behalf.

It was almost a fluke that Barry was selected to write the theme for the first James Bond film, Dr. No, thus establishing himself as one of the foremost composers of film theme music. While the original James Bond theme is now owned by Monty Norman most of the music for the James Bond movies was composed by Barry. He composed music for 12 James Bond movies from Dr. No (1962) to The Living Daylights (1987.) He no more associates himself with the modern James Bond Movies.

In his long Career spanning almost half a century Barry has won five Academy Awards and four Grammys.

John Barry's Film Scores

Born Free (Academy Award Winner)
A Moment in Time
The Ipcress File
The Lion in Winter (Academy Award Winner)
Jagged Edge
Out of Africa (Academy Award Winner)
Dances with Wolves (Academy Award Winner)
Indecent Proposal
Television Themes

The Persuaders
Other Works

The Beyondness of Things
John Barry Resources
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