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Charita Bauer Biography
Charita Bauer (December 20, 1922 - February 28, 1985) was an American soap opera actress. She played headstrong and opinionated Bert Bauer on the television series Guiding Light from 1952 to 1984.

While her character was a spitfire in the earlier days, by the 1970s she had been relegated to the ceremonial role of town matriarch.

In her final year on the show, complications from diabetes forced her to have her leg amputated. When she returned to the show, she played that same storyline in her character, thus illustrating a fine story about diabetes and its dangers. Bauer was no stranger to special issue storylines -- in 1962, she became the first actress on daytime television to play a character diagnosed with uterine cancer. The storyline helped millions of women realize the importance of regular checkups and pap smear screenings.

She died of complications stemming from diabetes.
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