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Tommy Bolin Biography
Tommy Bolin (August 1, 1951-December 4, 1976) was a guitarist with Zephyr (from 1969 to 1974) and Deep Purple (from 1974 to 1976) and The James Gang in 1974.

He released his first solo record, Teaser in 1975 before Deep Purple started Come Taste The Band (released in December 1975).

In 1976, he released his second solo record called Private Eyes after Deep Purple's tour finished in March. This was to be followed up by a tour of the Tommy Bolin Band, opening for Jeff Beck. However, on the party after the first night of the tour, Bolin took an overdose of heroin and was dead by the morning of December 4 (source (

Solo Discography

Teaser (1975)
Private Eyes (1976)
Naked (2002)

Live at Ebbets Field 1974 (1995)
Live at Ebbets Field 1976 (1997)

The Ultimate: The Best of Tommy Bolin (1989)
Tommy Bolin Resources
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