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Al Bowlly Biography
Al Bowlly was a popular vocalist who made more than 1000 recordings between 1927 and 1941. Al was born Durban, Natal, South Africa on January 7, 1899 and killed by the explosion of a parachute mine in London on April 17, 1941.

After touring as a vocalist and guitarist with bands in Asia and continental Europe, Al rose to prominence in London in 1931. He continued to appear and record with a number of bands, most notably those of Roy Fox and Lew Stone, but his greatest successes on record came with the studio band of Ray Noble. Their recordings achieved popularity in the USA and, with the assistance of Glenn Miller, Noble established a band in New York in 1934 with Bowlly as principal vocalist.

Al returned to live in London in January 1937. He had successful throat surgery in the USA in 1937 but was to have further difficulties with his voice late in his career.

Al was the most popular band vocalist in Britain in the 1930s. He remains one of the most highly regarded singers of his era because of the sincerity of his delivery of a lyric.

Partial List of Al Bowlly Recordings

"Time On My Hands" February 19, 1931
"Goodnight, Sweetheart" February 19, 1931
"Guilty" December 2, 1931
"Lullaby Of The Leaves" June 10, 1932
"Looking On The Bright Side Of Life" September 1, 1932
"Love Is The Sweetest Thing" September 8, 1932
"What More Can I Ask?" December 23, 1932
"Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Baby" March 16, 1933
"Midnight, The Stars And You" February 16, 1934
"The Very Thought Of You" April 21, 1934
"Isle Of Capri" August 30, 1934
"Dinner For One Please, James" November 14, 1935
"You Couldn't Be Cuter" August 12, 1938
"It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow" February 15, 1940
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