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William John Bowser Biography
William John Bowser (1867-1933) was a British Columbia politician. He moved to Vancouver to practice law in 1891 and was first elected tot he provincial legislature in 1903 as a Conservative.

Bowser served as Attorney-General in the cabinet of Sir Richard McBride from 1907 until 1915 when he succeeded McBride as Premier.

The Conservative party was deeply divided and unpopular and the change in leadership did not improve matters. Accusations of corruption and "machine politics" were rife. The Conservatives also neglected to address popular demands for women's suffrage and prohibition. He continued as leader of the opposition until he lost his seat in the 1924 election. Bowser's government was defeated in the 1916 election.

He returned from politics in 1933 to lead a non-partisan group of candidates but died during the election campaign.
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