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Laura Bozzo Biography
Laura Bozzo (born approx 1950) is a Peruvian television show host who has become famous for her feminist point of views and involvements in scandals.

Bozzo became famous in the 1990s with her show Laura En America, a talk show which she has used many times to express her feminist views. In her show, guests often are men who have supposedly cheated on their wifes, abandoned them while pregnant or abused of them in a mental or pshysical way. She has also used her program at various times to critizize both mature men and women who date much younger people. It has been rumored for years, however, that Bozzo and her production team pay their guests off for them to lie in front of the cameras. She set up a charity organization to help abused women and children in Peru, but her organization has also been attacked with rumors that she really was taking the charity money for herself.

Bozzo had a friendship with Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori when he was head of state, and she had a romance with one of Fujimori's top men, Vladimir Montesino. When Montesino was arrested after Fujimori had been given political asylum in Japan; Bozzo had to flee the country and settled in Miami, after being charged with helping Montesino steal public money. The year was 2001 and her fame increased when Telemundo decided to include her show on their United States stations. Laura's show soon began to be shown all over Latin America, and she even travelled to other countries, such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina to produce some of her shows from there. Because she was forced to exile, however, most of her shows shown on tv were old shows that had been taped in Peru.

Ironically, Bozzo herself got a boyfriend who is about 25 years younger than her while she was in Miami. Ultimately, she decided to return to Peru to face her charges. Because she lost her house in Peru when she moved to Miami, she has had to live in the Laura En America studio on a court ordered house arrest while her court case is seen. Her boyfriend also moved to Peru, to be by her side. Since she's been living in the studio after her return to her home country, she had been allowed by the court to produce her show live from there. But recently, a new court order mandated her to stop conducting her show live, perhaps with worries that she might try to use her show as a way of turning the public's opinion in her favor.

Laura Bozzo has expressed dislike of her fellow Telemundo star Maria Celeste Arraras, going as far as telling the TV Notas magazine that If Maria Celeste wants to be the first lady of Telemundo, I prefer to be the one (first lady) of the public...let her keep the (first lady of Telemundo) title!.
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