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Melvyn Bragg Biography
Melvyn Bragg, Baron Bragg (born 6 October 1939) is a British author, television and radio presenter and journalist.

He was born in Carlisle, Cumbria, England. He studied Modern History at Wadham College, Oxford.

He is famous for his TV arts programme The South Bank Show and his many programmes on BBC Radio 4, including Start the Week, In Our Time, and The Roots of English.

He was appointed to the House of Lords in 1998 as a Labour peer, under the title Baron Bragg.

In 1999 he became Chancellor of Leeds University.


For Want of a Nail 1965
The Second Inheritance
The Cumbrian Trilogy: The Hired Man 1986
The Cumbrian Trilogy: A Place in England
The Cumbrian Trilogy: Kingdom Come
The Maid of Buttermere 1987
Without a City Wall 1988
Josh Lawton 1989
The Nerve
The Silken Net
Love and Glory
The Second Inheritance 1990
A Time to Dance 1991
The Silken Net 1991
Autumn Manoevres 1993
Crystal Rooms 1993
Credo (book) 1996 also known as The Sword and the Miracle
The Soldier's Return

Land of The Lakes 1983
Speak For England 1987
Laurence Olivier (book) 1989
Cumbria in Verse (ed)
Rich: The Life of Richard Burton 1989
King Lear in New York 1994
Giants' Shoulders 1998
Two Thousand Years Part 1: The Birth of Christ to the Crusades 1999
Two Thousand Years Part 2 1999

Children's books
My Favourite Stories of Lakeland (ed) 1988
A Christmas Child 1991
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