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Nathaniel Branden Biography
Nathaniel Branden (born 1930) is a psychotherapist and author of books on psychology (in which he holds a Ph.D.) and philosophy. He has also played a major role in promoting Ayn Rand's philosophy, which is known as Objectivism.

Branden was born with the name Nathan Blumenthal in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

He met Ayn Rand in 1951, having previously read and admired her novel The Fountainhead, and the pair went on to have many discussions about Rand's Objectivist philosophy. They had an affair, despite both being married (with the full knowledge and approval of both spouses). Branden has written an account of this time, entitled My Years with Ayn Rand (1999). His memoir Judgment Day (1986) also provided an inside view of Rand and his tumultuous relationship with her.

Branden's major field in psychology is self-esteem, on which subject he has written books and presented seminars[1] ( He lives in Los Angeles, California.


The Psychology of Self-Esteem (1969) was published after his split with Rand.
Breaking Free (1970),
The Disowned Self (1971),
The Psychology of Romantic Love (1980),
The Romantic Love Question & Answer Book (1982),
Honoring the Self (1983),
Judgement Day (1986),
How To Raise Your Self Esteem (1987),
The Art of Self Discovery (1993),
The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (1994),
Taking Responsibility (1996),
The Art of Living Consciously (1997),
My Years with Ayn Rand (1999).
And the 32nd Anniversery Edition of Psychology of Self-Esteem (2001).
Altogether, Dr. Brandenís books have been translated into 18 languages and sold over 3.5 million copies.
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