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Harlan Carey Brewster Biography
Harlan Carey Brewster (1870-1918) was a British Columbia politician. Brewster arrived in British Columbia in 1893 and had various careers working on a ship and then in a cannery eventually becoming owner of his own canning company. He was elected to the provincial legislature for the first time in 1907 and was the only Liberal elected to the legislature in 1909. Brewster became leader of the opposition and was elected party leader in March 1912 but lost his seat a few weeks later in the 1912 election which returned no Liberals at all. In 1916 he won election to the legislature again through a by-election and led his party to victory in a general election later that year by campaigning on a reform platform which promised to end patronage in the civil service, end political machines, improve workmen's compensation and labour laws, bring in votes for women and other progressive reforms.

In government, Cary brought in women's suffrage and instituted prohibition and combatted political corruption before his unexpected death in 1918.
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