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Dolph Briscoe Biography
Dolph Briscoe (born April 23, 1923) was an American politician and businessman and former governor of Texas.

Born in Uvalde, Texas, Briscoe graduated from the University of Texas in 1942 and then joined the Army, serving in southeast Asia during World War II.

Briscoe was elected to the state legislature in 1949 and served through 1957. Following his tenure in the State government, Briscoe returned to Uvalde to manage his family's ranch and other businesses. However, in 1972, Briscoe returned to politics, seeking and receiving the Democratic nomination for governor of Texas over incumbent governor Preston Smith, whose late tenure was marred by the Sharpstown scandal.

As governor (the first in Texas to be elected for a four-year term as opposed to a two-year term), he focused on the maintenance and efficiency of existing government agencies as opposed to the creation of new ones. As a lifelong rancher, Briscoe also worked to help the farmers and ranchers of the state during his tenure.

Briscoe was defeated in the Democratic primaries in 1978 by John Hill who went on to lose the Texas governorship to Republican Bill Clements.
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