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Bruiser Brody Biography
Frank Goodish (1946-1988) was a professional wrestler better known in the professional wrestling world as Bruiser Brody.

Brody fought during the 1970s in the WWE, then known as WWF, and he also fought in Japan, Canada, Australia and the United States territory of Puerto Rico, where he was killed. His nickname in Japan was King Kong.

Brody was a various time champion in the WWE, where he participated with the NWA wrestling group. He was a world Heavyweight champion in Indianapolis and won an World Brass Knucks tournament in Australia, and he conquered Canada's and Puerto Rico's world Heavyweight championship, the latter for which he beat Carlitos Colon and lost it to the same rival two weeks later.

Brody had finished a fight in Caguas (a suburb of San Juan, Puerto Rico), when another wrestler came up to him at the locker room, and attacked him, stabbing him various times. In an attempt to save his life, he was quickly taken by ambulance to Caguas Regional Hospital, but he died hours later, after undergoing surgery.

Various fans consider Brody to be one of the greatest brawlers in the history of wrestling.

He has been honored by two wrestling hall of fames in Japan.
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