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Flora Brovina Biography
Flora Brovina is a Yugoslavian pediatrician, feminist, and poet who is noted for her statements regarding human rights abuses in Kosovo. Brovina set up a clinic, refuge, and orphanage in Kosovo. Brovina was the founder the Women’s League of Kosovo.

On April 24, 1999, the Serbian Paramilitary imprisoned her in Pozarevac, Serbia. Brovina was charged with terrorism. On November 2, 2000, Brovina was released.

Brovina writes,


"The smell of the metal spreads everywhere"

"A little girl is wounded in her knee"

"How can you not shed a tear"

"The machinery blinded by an eagle"

"Becomes confused"

"Rat-a-tat and rat-a-tat"

"And rat-a-tat and rat-a-tat"

"They do not know about the curfew."

Explains Brovina, "I saw helpless children who had been gunned down."
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