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Antoine Brumel Biography
Antoine Brumel (around 1460 - around 1520) was a Franco-Flemish composer.

He sang at Notre-Dame de Chartres from 1483, and subsequently held posts at St Peter's in Geneva and Laon before becoming choirmaster to the boys at Notre-Dame de Paris from 1498 to 1500, and choirmaster to Alfonso I d'Este at Ferrara from 1506. The chapel there was disbanded in 1510, after which nothing is known of Brumel's activities.

Brumel is best known for his masses, the most famous of which is the twelve-voice Missa Et ecce terrae motus. His style evolved throughout his life, some works being rhythmically complex, while others reflecting the more chordal style of the Italian composers. He also wrote motets and chansons. Brumel's "Missa pro defunctis" for four voices is notable for being the first Requiem to include a polyphonic setting of the Dies Irae.

After Josquin Desprez, Brumel is considered one of the greatest composers of his generation. During his life, Ottaviano Petrucci published a book of his masses, and a number of other composers wrote pieces commemorating him after his death.
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