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Candace Bushnell Biography
Candace Bushnell (born 1959) is a New York City writer. She has gained fame with her New York social lifestyle and sex books and columns.

Bushnell was, in the late 1970s, known all over New York as a party goer and socialite, and one of her favorite places was the old Studio 54. Later on in life, she got a job as a columnist in the New York Observer.

In 1994, her editor-in-chief asked her if she wanted to write a column for the paper, and she accepted the job. She wanted a column based on the adventures she and her friends usually spoke about, and she called it Sex and the City.

In 1998, HBO started airing a show, Sex and the City, based on, but not exactly like, Bushnell's column. Sex and the City the television show enhanced Bushnell's already growing fame, making her name known to many non-book readers as well. The television series ceased original production in 2003, with the last episode airing on HBO in February 2004.

Many other writers have compared one of the girls of the show, Carrie, to Bushnell, because Carrie, like Bushnell, is also a newspaper sex and lifestyles columnist who enjoys the New York nightlife.

Candace Bushnell books
Sex and the City, (1997)
Sex and the City (sequel), (1999)
Sex and the City (second sequel) (2000)
Sexo en Nueva York (2001)
Four Blondes (2001)
Four Blondes (Thorndike Basis) (2001)
Cuatro Rubias (2002)
Big Night Out (2002)
Sex Sirens: Female Icons and the Power of Sexuality (2003)
Trading Up (2003)
Some of her books have been reproduced in paperback, hardcover, and as audio tapes.
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