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Jerry Butler Biography
Jerry Butler was an American soul singer also known as The Ice Man. Originally from an area now known as Cabrini Green in Chicago, Butler began performing in a church choir alongside Curtis Mayfield. The pair became friends and soon joined with Sam Gooden and Richard and Arthur Brooks as The Roosters. In 1957, the group changed their name to Jerry Butler & the Impressions, and they soon scored a hit with Butler's "For Your Precious Love".

Butler soon went out on a solo career, and had a minor hit with "Lost" before entering his peak in 1960 with "He Will Break Your Heart". After a few more hits, Butler began working with Gamble & Huff, producing many of his most well-known recordings, including The Ice Man Cometh and "Only the Strong Survive". The hits eventually dried out, however, and Butler moved on to politics, supporting Harold Washington, Chicago's first black mayor, as well as becoming a Cook County Commissioner and then Alderman of Chicago.
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