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R.E.G. Davies Biography
R.E.G. Davies (born approx. 1932) is an American bookwriter. A life-long aviation enthusiast, Davies dedicates his work to different aspects of the airline industry.

Davies is one of the authors of the book series Airlines of..... He wrote two of the series' three books, Airlines of Asia and Airlines of Latin America. The third book, Airlines of North America, was written by Bob Shives and Bill Thompson.

Davies also is responsible, alongside artist Mike Machat, for the book series [Airline name]... An Airline and its Fleet, where he dedicates to writing about a certain airline's history and and the history of each airplane type flown by that airline. Among the airlines portrayed in this series are Pan Am, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Saudi Arabian Airlines and TAM.

Mr. Davies is a honor member of three aeronautical societies.
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