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Richard Harding Davis Biography
Richard Harding Davis (18th April 1864 - 11th April 1916) was a writer and journalist best known for his involvement in the William Randolph Hearst's unproven plot to start the Spanish-American War in order to boost newspaper sales. Despite his association with Yellow journalism, his writings of life and travel in Central America and the Caribbean have remained a vivid portrait of the time.

Partial list of works
The West From A Car Window (1892)
Exiles, and other stories (1894)
Three Gringos in Venezuela (1896)
Cuba in War Time (1897)
The Cuban & Porto Rican campaigns (1899)
Cinderella, and other stories (1899)
Gallegher, and other stories (1899)
The Lion and the Unicorn (1899)
Ranson's folly (1902)
The bar sinister (1903)
The Congo and coasts of Africa (1907)
Notes of a War Correspondent (1910)
Peace manoeuvres; a play in one act (1914)
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