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Kim Deitch Biography
Kim Deitch (born 1944) is an American comics artist. His long career began in the Underground comics movement of the 1960's, and has continued until today. His most well known comics involve a mysterious cat named Waldo. He has sometimes worked with his brother, Simon Deitch, and is son of an illustrator/cartoonist Gene Deitch.

Unlike many of his underground comics peers, Deitch has continually developed as an artist throughout his career. In the past two decades, his comics comics have become increasingly lengthy and eloborately crafted. His current attention to detail is comparible to that of Chris Ware, although the two artists' styles are very different in other ways.

Common themes in Deitch's work are addiction (specifically alcoholism), deception and delusion. His interest in the history of animation, cinema and vaudeville also play a prominent role in his work. An affection for pigs in apparent in his work.

Some Dietch titles:

Beyond the Pale
The Stuff of Dreams
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
All Waldo Comics
Corn Fed Comics
The Mishkin File
No business like show business
Contributed to:

East Village Other
Laugh in the Dark
LA Weekly
Zero zero
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