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Boomer Esiason Biography
Norman Julius Esiason, better known as Boomer Esiason (born April 17, 1961 in West Islip, New York), is a former NFL quarterback turned television broadcaster.

After his college days at Maryland, he joined the Cincinnati Bengals, leading them to a Super Bowl. He also played for the New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, and returned to the Bengals to finish his career. After his NFL career, he went into broadcasting. He was a commentator for ABC's Monday Night Football from 1998 to 2000.

He is also well-known as an advocate for cystic fibrosis charities; his son Gunnar suffers from the disease.

Facts about Esiason:

* Last professional play, for the Bengals, was a 77 yard touchdown off a play-action received by Darnay Scott.
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