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Pope Eutychian Biography
Eutychian or Eutychianus, was a pope, according to the "Annuario Pontificio" (2003), reigning from January 4, 275 to December 7, 283. His original epitaph was discovered in the catacombs of Callixtus (see Kraus, Roma sotterranea, p. 154 et seq.), but merely nothing more is known of him. Even the date of his reign is uncertain. Liber Pontificalis gives a reign of 8 years and 11 months, from 275 to 283. Eusebius, on the other hand says his reign was only 10 months.

He is said to have allowed the blessing of grapes and beans on the altar and to have buried 324 martyrs with his own hands. Some historians doubt these traditions, since there was no persecution after the death of Aurelian in 275 and blessing the produce of the fields is believed to belong to a later period.

His feast is kept on December 8.
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