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Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie Biography
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie (born 1929) is a noted French historian whose work is focused upon Languedoc in the ancien regime focusing on the history of the peasantry. He is currently a professor at the Collège de France. He is a noted pioneer in the fields of history from below and microhistory. His most noted work is Montaillou, village occitan, a study of the village of Montiallou in the south of France is the age of the Cathar heresy. He uses the meticulous notes of a member of the inquisition to develop a multi-layered study of life in a small French village over the course of several years.

Les Paysans de Languedoc - 1966
Histoire du Climat depuis l'An Mil
Montaillou, village occitan - 1975
Le Territoire, de l'Historien Vol. 1 - 1973
Le Territoire, de l'Historien Vol. 2 - 1978
Le Carnaval de Romans, 1579-1580 - 1980
L'Etat royal - 1987
L'Ancien Regime - 1991
Le Siècle de Platter - 1995
Saint-Simon, le systeme de la Cour - 1997
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