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Leon Lai Biography
Leon Lai (黎明; pinyin: Lǐ Míng; Cantonese: lai4 ming4) (born December 11, 1966) is a cantopop singer and star of several Hong Kong movies.

He was born in Beijing and is the only child in his family. His parents divorced when he was four. Lai studied at King's Way Princeton College (England). Before he became a singer in Hong Kong, he worked as a salesperson for a cellular phone company. He was the second runner up in the New Talent Singing Contest, held by the TVB in 1986. He signed to Sony Music on March 23, 1998. He was a singer of Polygram (now known as Universal Music) before.

Together with Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok, Lai is one of the four popular male singers that the media refer to as the "Four Great Heavenly Kings" (四大天王). In the early stages of his career, he mainly sang cantopop, but thanks to his producer Mark Lui he expanded his repertoire to include popular electronic songs with compelling music videos. Some of these are regarded as the best in his career. In 2002, he was selected to sing "Charged up", the World Cup theme song for Greater China.

He won numerous singing awards before announcing in 1999 that he would no longer accept any awards in Hong Kong. He won the "Most Popular Singer" award in 1993 and 1995. He has also won the "Song of the Year" award four times.

In 1996, Lai was nominated for the Best Actor Awards of the 16th Hong Kong Film Award for the film Comrades, Almost a love story, which he acted as a man left China and came to Hong Kong in 1980s. However, together with other four nominees, he was defeated by Kent Cheng. In 2001, Lai took the spotlight at the Golden Horse Awards, the Chinese-language version of the Oscars in Taiwan. He won "Best Actor" for Three: Going Home, about a doctor who cannot get over the death of his wife. In 2004, Lai wrote the story Leaving Me, Loving You and became the director of the movie.

Apart from being an actor, he took part in the production of advertisement for 'Dress Casual Day' of the Community Chest.

Lai has participated in many charity events in recent years. He has been an ambassador for the Community Chest and UNICEF for many years and has helped the Community Chest to raise millions of dollars on their "Casual Day". He also occasionally helps other non-profit organisations to raise funds. He was awarded the Medal of Honour on 12 October 2003 by Tung Chee-Hwa, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR.

His fan club Leon Family (黎明家族) can be found in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and United States.

Literally his name means dawn in Chinese.

Filmography, as actor, includes
for the year marked with # means he was not the leading actor in the film.

Leaving me, Loving you (大城小事, 2004)
Infernal Affairs III (無間道III終極無間, 2003#)
Heroic Duo (雙雄, 2003)
Three (三更, 2002)
Bullets of Love (不死情謎, 2001)
Everyday Is Valentine (情迷大話王, 2001)
Dream of a Warrior (天使夢, 2001)
Skyline Cruisers (神偷次世代, 2000)
Love at First Sight (一見鍾情, 2000)
A Hero Never Dies (真心英雄, 1998)
City of Glass (玻璃之城, 1998)
Love Generation Hong Kong(新戀愛世紀, 1998)
God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage (賭神三之少年賭神, 1997)
Killing Me Tenderly (愛你愛到殺死你, 1997)
Eighteen Springs (半生緣, 1997)
Comrades: Almost a Love Story (甜蜜蜜, 1996)
Fallen Angels (墮落天使, 1995)
Love and the City (都市情緣, 1994)
Run (1994)
Fearless Match (1993)
City Hunter (城市獵人, 1992)
The Story of the Flying Fox (1992)
Gun and Rose (龍騰四海, 1992)
The Magic Touch (1992)
The Wicked City (1992)
Shogun and His Little Kitchen (1992)
Fun & Fury (痴情快婿)(1991)
Party of a Wealthy Family (1991)
With or Without You (1991)
Fruit Bowl (1991)
Four Loves (1989)
Mr. Handsome (1987)

TV Drama, as leading actor, includes
原振俠 (based on a novel by Ni Kang)
See also: Cinema of China

Leon (1990)
Meet in Rain (相逢在雨中)(1990)
Just wanna be close to you (親近你)(1991)
It's Love. It's Destiny (是愛是緣)(1991)
Personal Feeling (我的感覺) (1991)
Hope We're not just Friends (但願不只是朋友)(1992)
The Most Charming Person (Compliation) (傾城之最)(1992)
I love you,OK?(1992)
My Other Half (Complilation) (我的另一半)(1993)
Summer of Love (夏日傾情)(1993)
Chateau de Reve (夢幻古堡)(1993)
Love Between Sky and Earth (天地情緣)(1994)
Destined Love + Compilation (1994)
Red Hot Fire Dance (火舞艷陽)(1994)
Great Passion Between Sky and Earth (天地豪情)(1995)
Dream Chase (夢.追蹤)(1995)
Perhaps (1996)
Feel (感應)(1997)
The World of Leon Lai (1997)
If (1997)
Leon's (1997)
Leon Sound (1997)
I Love You Like This (我這樣愛你)(1997)
City of Glass OST (玻璃之城電影原聲大碟)(1998)
If I Can See You Again (如果可以再見你)(1998)
Leon Now (1999)
Eyes Want to Travel (眼睛想旅行)(1999)
Beijing Station (北京站)(2000)
Leon Club Sandwich (2000)
Happiness (喜)(2001)
The Red Shoes (2001)
The Red Shoes...Evolution (2001)
Leon Charged Up (2002世界盃衝鋒陷陣)(2002)
Homework (2002)

Mandarin, Korean and Japanese
Will You Come Tonight (今夜你會不會來)(1991)
Accumulating All My Love (堆積情感)(1992)
Autumn Dawn (秋天的黎明)(1993)
Stay For Me (為我停留)(1994)
My True Heart is Presented to You (我的真心獻給你)(1994)
Love is Hard to Get (愛難求)(1995)
Why Aren't You My Future (為何你不是我的未來)(1996)
Disagreement of Words and Thoughts (口不對心)(1997)
DNA Gone Wrong (DNA出錯)(1997)
Korean Soundtrack (1998)
Longing (嚮往)(1998)
Never Ever(Korean Version) (1999)
If I Can See You Again(Korean version) (如果可以再見你)(1999)
If I Can See You Again(Japanese version) (如果可以再見你)(1999)
No One But Me (非我莫屬)(1999)
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