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Edna O'Brien Biography
Edna O'Brien (born December 15, 1932) is an Irish novelist and short story writer whose works often revolve around the inner feelings of women, and their problems in relating to men.

Life and Career
Born in Twamgraney, County Clare, Edna originally practised as a chemist but published her first book - The Country Girls in 1960. The Country Girls was the first part of a trilogy of novels which also included The Lonely Girl (1962) and Girls in Their Married Bliss (1964).

Her 1971 novel A Pagan Place was about her childhood living in a repressive Irish town. Indeed, her parents were vehemently against all things literature, and Edna was very troubled by that fact. In 1981 she wrote a play - Virginia, which was about Virginia Woolf and was staged at the Public Theater in New York in the spring of 1985. Another notable work was a biography of James Joyce, released in 1999.

She has received numerous awards for her works included a Kingsley Amis Award in 1962 and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 1990 for Lantern Slides.

She is married to the Czech writer Ernest Gebler.

The Country Girls (1960)
The Country Girl (1962)
Girls in Their Married Bliss (1964)
August Is a Wicked Month (1965)
Casualties of Piece (1966)
The Love Object (1968)
A Pagan Place (1971)
Zee & Co. (1971)
Night (1972)
A Scandalous Woman and Other Stories (1974)
Johnny I Hardly Knew You (1977)
Mrs Reinhardt and Other Stories (1978)
Returning (1982)
A Fanatic Heart (1984)
Tales for the Telling (1986)
The High Road (1988)
Far From the Land (1989)
On the Bone (1989)
Lantern Slides (1990)
Time and Tide (1992)
House of Splendid Isolation
Down By the River (1997)
James Joyce (1997)
Wild Decembers (1999)
In the Forest (2002)
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