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Diego Salcedo Biography
Diego Salcedo (May 30, 1575-April 2, 1644) was a Spaniard bishop who unwillingly became part of Puerto Rico's history with his death. Salcedo died during a trip to Puerto Rico, when Taíno Indians drowned him to find out if people from Spain really were gods, as the Taínos believed.

Salcedo became bishop of Astorga in 1639.

Historically, two versions about how Salcedo was lured to his death have collided. Many books assert that the bishop had been told he'd be taken to a lake filled with Taíno women that he could have sex with, and, once there, he found not women, but men who then proceeded to drown him. The other version has Salcedo being offered a ride across a river by Taínos who carried him on their arms, and then drowned him and kept him for days, afraid he'd still be alive and until they were certain he was dead.

Many people see Salcedo as a fool for having accepted any of the offers. Others view him as an important link in the history between Puerto Rico and Spain.

After Salcedo's death, the Taíno Indians were encouraged to declare war on the Spaniards in Puerto Rico. But they suffered much more human loss than the Spaniards, due in part to the Spaniard's better weaponry and war expertise.
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