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Antonio Sanchez Biography
Antonio Sanchez (born approx. 1956) is a Puerto Rican radio and television actor, show host and producer. Very famous across Puerto Rico, he is also known for his nickname: El Gangster.

Sanchez began to be known in the early and middle 1980s as a radio show host. In 1987, he and friend Hector Marcano were cast as co-hosts of television game show La Hora de Oro on Puerto Rico's Super Siete channel. La Hora de Oro, or The Golden Hour, enjoyed a successful run for two years in Puerto Rico, period in which Sanchez's face also became familiar to the Puerto Rican public. When Marcano moved in 1989 to Tele-Once to do a talk show named Marcano, el Show, Sanchez was offered a job by Telemundo Puerto Rico, to make a show that would compete with Marcano's show. No te Duermas (Do not go to Sleep), the show that put Sanchez against his old friend Marcano, eventually was the survivor of this talk show ratings battle, and Sanchez is still host of the show.

In 1992, Sanchez began production of Minga y Petraca, where he plays one of the main characters. The show is still also being produced.

Sanchez also became a manager of other entertainers. Among the people he has managed is Giselle.

Sanchez also hosts a radio show, alongside Funky Joe, named El Bayu de la Manana (The Bayu of the Morning, Bayu being a word with no meaning in English). Both his No te Duermas and Bayu de la Manana shows have attracted a large list of local and international entertainers to be interviewed by el gangster.
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