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Jacopo Sansovino Biography
Jacopo d’Antonio Sansovino (1486 - November 27, 1570) was an Italian sculptor and architect. He apprenticed with Andrea Sansovino whose name he subsequently adopted, changing his name from Jacopo Tatti.

In Rome he attracted the notice of Bramante and Raphael and made a wax model of the Deposition of Christ for Perugino to use. He returned to Florence in 1511 where he received commissions for marble sculptures of St. James for the Duomo and a Bacchus, now in the Bargello. His proposals for sculpture to adorn the façade of the church of San Lorenzo, however, were rejected by Michelangelo, who was in charge of the scheme, to whom he wrote a bitter letter of protest in 1518. During these years he shared a studio with the painter Andrea del Sarto, with whom he shared models. He subsequently returned to Rome where he stayed for nine years, leaving for Venice in the year of the Sack of Rome.

In 1529 Sansovino became chief architect (or Protomagister) to the Procurators of San Marco, making him one of the most influential artists in Venice. His best known work there is to to be found in Piazza San Marco, specifically on the buildings the Zecca (public mint), the Library, the Loggetta and various statues and reliefs for Basilica of San Marco.
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