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Bob Sapp Biography
Bob Sapp (born September 22, 1974) is an American boxer/kickboxer. He is famous in Japan, where he appears in many commercials, television programs and has released a CD. After arriving in Japan, he was initially very successful in K-1 kickboxing, but he was knocked out by the Croatian Cop, Mirko Filipovic in 86 seconds in the March 30, 2003 Saitama event. In late August 2003 he accepted a challenge to fight Mike Tyson towards the end of 2003 in Japan.

Before moving to Japan, he had been a NFL player for several years. His website indicates that he is the brother of NFL star, Warren Sapp, although this ESPN article claims that Bob and Warren are not brothers. Prior to entering the NFL, Bob Sapp was an offensive lineman for the University of Washington, where he won the Morris Award in recognition of his talent.
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